Unfortunately, in the various regions of our blue planet, we had to find out again and again how bad things are for our planet. From coral bleaching to ghost nets, from invasive fish species to tons of garbage. Our hours in the water and in nature have already revealed a lot to us. Since we love the unique underwater world, we would like to preserve it for others and future generations as well. That is why sustainability and the protection of our waters are very important to us. For this reason, we try to get involved as much as we can, we do continous education and we also focus on sustainable living and diving in our courses.

Green Website

So far, however, a very neglected topic is the footprint of the internet. The internet causes as much CO2 annually as global air traffic. And the trend is increasing. It is precisely for this reason that we have made a conscious decision to design our website to be sustainable and with a minimal carbon footprint. In addition to green hosting, this also includes a CO2 footprint of just 0.15g per website visitor. On average, traditional websites have a footprint of 4g per website visitor. In addition, with the creation of this website, 1m2 blossom sponsorship was acquired for life. If you want to know more about sustainable web development and blooming sponsorships, take a look at it bienen web solutions. Many thanks at this point also to the it bienen team for creating the page.

Sustainability in the web - green certificate it bienen


We find garbage on countless dives. Sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller. Hidden under the surface of the water for many, we are fully aware of how littered our waters, and also our nature in general, really are. That is why we keep organizing cleanups on banks and in the water, or take part in some. One of our greatest successes was in Comino, Malta in 2018. With this clean-up organized by us, we and 14 volunteers were able to recover over 300 kg of rubbish from the Mediterranean within 2 hours. Over the years we have now cleaned over 1 ton of garbage from the sea. With every cleanup we organize, there is usually a small workshop with simple tips for more sustainability above and below water. We’re always looking for motivated people that would like to help us during our clean ups.
We’re super proud to be able now to announce a partnership with trshbg – we’re using the trashbags made from recycled boats and other upcycled material ourselves already for a while. You can also find these trashbags in our shop.

Ghost Nets

Every year 5,000-10,000 new ghost nets or network fragments land in the Baltic Sea alone. There they swim around for up to 600 years and continue to “fish” senselessly. A variety of marine life such as crabs, fish, birds, whales and sharks perish miserably in these ghost nets. We have decided for ourselves that we want to change something and are actively involved in salvaging these ghost nets. Our last deployment took place in cooperation with the WWF on Rügen, where we checked possible suspicious positions so that any nets found could then be recovered. To be even better trained for tasks like ghost net retrivals Bine did the training to become a science diver in 2022 with Alfred Wegener Institute. Additionally, we don’t consume any fish products, to not support the destructions of our oceans.

Sustainability Courses

Peak Performance Buoyancy for more sustainability

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Dive Against Debris

Dive Against Debris

Sustainability workshops

Sustainability Workshops