Zero to Hero : 3 Tips to consider when choosing to go Pro.

“Looks like your living the dream in Paradise!” A statement often heard by scuba diving professionals around the world.

Client Playa Paraiso 2015
Diving Pro in Action

So you want to be a zero to hero just completing your PADI Rescue diver. What is to come next? Should you continue as a recreational diver, and focus on keeping this wonderful activity as a hobby? With an MSD ( Master Scuba Diver) Certification you can do just that. Or should you go pro and turn it into a career? These are the questions one asks themselves, when we come to this critical diving crossroad. Especially after having an enjoyable scuba diving holiday somewhere abroad.

Unlike any other career choice, becoming a scuba diving professional involves drastic changes to your normal routine. Often requires a location change as well. Here are 3 useful tips to consider, when deciding to become a diving pro.

Zero to Hero RESEARCH…  

With the availability of information on the internet these days. Researching options of where to go and who to do your courses with is much easier and more effective. Don’t make a fast decision! Take your time and see what is available to you.  Get informed of what particular places have to offer, what the costs are, and last but certainly not least, is there a possibility of working in this area afterwards.

If possible read the reviews of clients that have vacationed in a particular place you’re interested in. How did they rate there experience?  


There are many Diving Centers around the world that offer not just the courses you need. But a working experience as well. Instead of paying for the professional courses (which have significant costs), you have the possibility to work for them over a chosen time period. These Centers usually provide you with everything you need. ie. Accommodation, Meals, and transportation too and from the center on a daily basis (if needed).

One huge advantage that an internship abroad gifts you additionally, is the valuable work experience that will help you become a better professional.

Above all an internship allows you to learn by seeing other professionals. It gives you hands on training. As well as introducing you to the real behind the scenes workings of a dive center ,you don’t get to see as a customer.

Internships that are conducted well really do give the trainee a leg up afterward. DM or IDC internships vary so consider them thoroughly.


Looking cool and relaxed somewhere tropical, as a pro, go hand in hand with making sure your clients have a great time, try something new, and most importantly are safe doing it. You must firstly consider being a role model. As a pro you are not just blowing bubbles. Mental and physical aspects now play a part in your daily activities. What most candidates tend to forget about becoming a professional scuba diver be it a DM or OWSI is the factor of responsibility you have to the people you are taking down. Consider if your ready for this.


I personally have been through the internship circus, and can positively say  it has its rewards. Not just financially. You will grow as a person, you will experience things on a daily basis most divers don’t get the chance too. Most importantly your life will never be the same because, you will understand the difference between a recreational diver and a professional one. So get out there research your options, follow your heart, enjoy every minute of it

……and lets protect our oceans one adventure at a time.

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