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When it came to choosing where to live, we made a conscious decision to move to Leipzig. Countless diving lakes await us here. In 2016, Sabine went diving for the first time at the Kulkwitzer See. Even today she can remember in detail the dives from so many years ago. The clear water, the large carp and the rays of the sun that made the water glitter light blue were too impressive. Driven by this memory, the decision to choose the Leipzig Lakes as our diving and training areas for diving was an easy one. In particular, we mainly discover the Schladitzer See and the Kulkwitzer See. We will introduce the second a little here.

Kulkwitzer See in Leipzig

The Kulkwitzer See is located in the southwest of Leipzig. Right on the outskirts, it offers great opportunities for relaxation, refreshment and of course diving. It is easy to reach due to its location and connections. In the place of the “Kulki” there were originally two open-cast brown coal mining areas that were flooded at the end of the 1960s. This makes the Kulkwitzer See one of the first open pit lakes in the Leipzig New Lakeland. Today it is a popular destination not only for people from Leipzig, but also for divers from all over Germany. The reason for this is mainly to be found in its excellent water quality and, for Germany, relatively good visibility under water. In recent years it has always made it into the top 10 of the clearest lakes in Germany. The mussel beds found in the lake are probably one of the main reasons for the clear water. In 2014, the Kulki was even voted the most popular lake in Germany.

Pike in the lake
Diving in Kulkwitzer See in Leipzig

Diving in Kulkwitzer See

The Kulki is one of the most popular diving waters in Germany. It offers many possibilities for beginners as well as advanced divers. There are 3 official entry points at Kulki, which are managed by the Florian diving school in the south and the Delphine diving center. Several training platforms can be reached from the entry points at the two local diving schools.

With a maximum depth of almost 32m and an area of 150ha, the lake offers plenty of space to explore. Large fields of algae can be marveled at, especially in the area up to 10 m depth, in which pike, perch or other fish are hiding. While you are gliding relaxed through the water, with a little luck a rather large mirror carp can swim past you. In the southern part of the lake you can sometimes also watch catfish in the underwater forest and shore area. When you enter the Delphine Dive Center, you can easily reach a large metal frame with loads of shells.

The Kulkwitzer See is ideal for learning to dive as well as for introductory divers. Gravel bottoms in shallow water provide excellent opportunities to learn all the skills you need. After completing the exercises, you can slowly go deeper to explore the underwater world. The slowly sloping bottom is very helpful for beginners, as you can gradually make your way down to different depths.

Cooperation with the local diving centers

We carry out the training and dives in cooperation with the local diving centers. We can also rent any equipment you

Our main partner is the diving center in the Camp David Resort in Schladitzer Bay. The relaxed holiday feeling and the equipment in convincing quality made our hearts beat faster on our first visit there.

For dives on the Kulki, we switch to one of the two diving centers there.

Since it is very important to us to keep both Schladitzer and Kulkwitzer See clean (not just for diving), we regularly carry out clean-ups on the bank and underwater.

Fresh water shells in Kulkwitzer See

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