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What to consider before scuba travel, tricks and tipps…

Well you have done it…You have booked your next scuba diving adventure somewhere on our beautiful blue planet. SO EXCITING!!!!! BUT DON’T LOOK AT YOUR CC BILL UNTIL AFTER YOU COME BACK.. A few tipps and tricks you may want to consider before diving into our amazing world of scuba travel.


Make sure your gear has been serviced and is in good standing before going on your trip. Especially if it has not been used for a while.

1. Where are you going and what thickness of wetsuit do you would need ( if one at all).

2. Does the center or live aboard you are visiting supplies rental equipment?

3. What type of diving are you going to be taking part in.

4. Are you planning on conducting any continues education (Con-Ed) Courses?

5. Do you need any other items such as …..clothes… haha

6. How long are you travelling for? If it is a longer period of time ( 3 months +) consider purchasing items on the spot.

7. Are you staying in one place or travelling around frequently?


As much fun as travelling to new places is, additionally there is often a level of stress associated with it. Take out the stress by preparing yourself for your trip.  Take care of things over time if you have booked well in advance. If it is a lastminute trip check your destination dive center for rental equipment if you do not have the time to service your personal equipment instead of dragging it down to only find it is not functioning properly, and taking up space in your bag. You’ll thank me afterwards.


If Con-Ed Courses are in your plans make sure to inform yourself of the prerequisites accordingly before booking your courses. Most DC’s will not allow you to continue without the proper prerequisites in place.  At least we hope they will follow these standards. IF THEY DO NOT… STAY CLEAR!!!!! And book somewhere else. Remember scuba diving standards and courses are globalized so another DC close by will most likely have similar if not the same courses on offer.

In conclusion wherever you have booked your next scuba diving adventure be prepared, research your chosen place, consider what you want to do whether it is just some fun relaxing dives, courses or internships. Remember you are in control and always have options.

Have fun and lets protect our ocean planet one adventure at a time..

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